One of the most interesting parts of the ICSB (International Conference of Systems Biology, held this year in Edinburgh), has always been the SBML forum for me. This event was an opportunity for the SBML community to meet face-to-face and discuss developments in SBML as well as software systems for systems biology. It included technical presentations by software developers, modelers and researchers on topics relevant to software for systems biology, as well as focused discussions about SBML (Systems Biology Markup Language).  
And I say “was” because this year the SBML forum has been merged with the SBGN forum and a host of other events, to give birth to the first incarnation of the COmputational Modeling in BIology NEtwork, or COMBINE. Loose definition of acronym aside, the new meeting is a recognition of the fact that there are multiple allied standardization efforts that should work together towards smooth interoperability. COMBINE 2010 is taking place NOW, in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 6th to 9th of October 2010. In fact, I am typing this during one of COMBINE’s sessions. (Hold on, should I be telling this to the world? Uhm, forget I mentioned this. Let’s just move on).
The inauguration of the COMBINE meeting also marks the 10th anniversary of SBML. It will  immediately be followed by the major annual Systems Biology conference: ICSB 2010, also in Edinburgh, Scotland. If all of this seems very interesting to you (I know, unlikely, but still possible), but, unfortunately, my update reaches you too late to attend the meeting, do not dispare: you can virtually follow COMBINE 2010 via EVO feed (it’s free), or simply access all the presentation slides on the meeting website. 
View from top of Informatics Forum building, venue of COMBINE 2010

I will be posting updates on COMBINE 2010 here on my blog, and through my twitter account. Stay tuned.