The Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative is running their second online innovation challenge. The 2013 Geoffrey Beene Global NeuroDiscovery Challenge is a worldwide scientific competition to come up with new research ideas on the search for gender based differences In Alzheimer’s Disease. It is known that women develop Alzheimer’s more often than men, but the underlying mechanisms are not known. If we would find out, we might be able to develop better drugs and therapies against this devastating disease. The winning submission will receive a $50,000 award for research.

My good colleague at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), Enrico Glaab, is not only participating in the challenge, but has made it into the final round of the competition, and has a good chance of winning it. This is me trying to muster the power of social networking to support Enrico: If you have a few seconds, please go to the Geoffrey Been Challenge website and show your support for Enrico Glaab. Just follow the links for “Scientific Community” or “Citizen Scientists” and vote for the project entitled: Male/Female Differences in Aging Brains in a Gene For Ubiquitin-Specific Peptidase 9 (USP9) as a Possible Cause for Increased Incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease in Older Women.

Everyone gets one vote every day until the 5th of November, so it would be great of you to come back and vote again, if you agree that Enrico deserves to win.

If you need further encouragement, the video on top is a summary of the project.



UPDATE: Enrico and his collaborators were awarded first place! Thank you everyone for your support.