Of models and sea otters

In my last post, I tried to explain my work as simply as I could. This is a notoriously difficult task for people in research: we get so caught up in the technical terms and the complexities of our work on an everyday basis, that we find using simple language very tricky. In any case, I hope I did a good enough job in trying to explain what I do.
After posting the last article, I started thinking that I should also present some of my work in greater detail, for the (few) people that want to find out more, or for colleagues who are actually interested in this stuff on a professional level. Then I realised that someone has beaten me to the punch: Dr Kieran Smallbone, my counterpart in the MCISB modelling team, has been uploading quietly much of the computational work performed in our research centre. This link to his U+003F blog (anyone care to guess what this stands for? I couldn’t!) should satisfy everyone who wants to find out about our models and simulations. Therefore, instead of an article for you to pass the time today, here is a picture of a cute sea otter putting its feet up (like me, thanks to the K-man):

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